Ollie. One of our recent rescues.

The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland is proud to support the Golden community with a Rescue dedicated to the Breed.

The rescue is there to help people rehome their loved Goldens, due to circumstances which can’t be rectified.

We will assess the dog/bitch in their own environment and ask the owners to fill in a form with as much information as possible truthfully. This is important, as this dog will be placed in another home and all  hints and tips about their behaviour will be used to help settle the dog and the new owners in their partnership.

New homes are visited and we take time to listen to the new owners and talk about the dog/s coming into rescue. If, and only if, the two parties are satisfied, transferral of the dog can be arranged.

Owners surrendering dogs will be kept up to date through the GRCS Rescue. We do our utmost to match homes with dogs, as time is a great healer. These rescues need that time to adjust to surrounding and the new people in their lives.

Please understand we are not a rescue centre and its therefor not possible to visit any rescues prior to homing, although we do have emergency kennelling available.

This part of the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, is funded through donations and volunteers. We have to thank our members and committee for doing home checks on our behalf, as we cover the whole of Scotland.

Rescue dogs come in rarely, possibly due to people using social media to rehome/sell their dogs.

If you contact us, we will send out a form for completion and a home visit will be arranged.  Then the rehoming process can begin. All information that has been made available to us will be passed onto you.

Please be aware, some rescues come with veterinary problems or behaviour problems.  We get a few Golden Oldies but the average is around 6yrs at the moment. You won’t get that perfect dog but may run close through time.

If you are interested in taking on a rescue dog please contact the Rescue co-ordinator.

Contact details can be found on the Executive Committee contacts page.

At the moment we do not have any dogs requiring rehoming. We also about to change our procedures. Please check back regularly for updates.


The Trust

Scottish Charity Number SCO25650

The Trust received charitable status in 1997 following a legacy from the late Dr Tapper. A further legacy was received from the late Janet Pounds.

The purposes of the Trust are:
1. To advance public education in the health, care, management, training, and control of dogs and in particular the breed as known as Golden Retrievers, for the safety of public and animals.
2. To preserve and protect public health and to protect the public from nuisance by promoting high standards of responsible dog ownership.
3. To promote the care and protection of and the prevention of cruelty and suffering amongst dogs, which have been abandoned, neglected, ill treated or otherwise in need of such care and shelter and to find suitable new homes for such animals wherever and whenever it is appropriate and practicable.

Doreen McGugan, Chairman.
Jim Kinnaird, Secretary.
Jan Neilson, Treasurer.
John Connor, Ian McGugan, Cathy McShane, David Murray.

The Trust actively supports press advertising by the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland in their efforts to encourage puppy buyers to exercise careful selection of responsible breeders.

Trustees will consider any request for financial support provided that the purpose is within the scope of the Trust.

We also welcome donations no matter how small. Should you wish to donate through Gift Aid, Gift Aid Declaration forms are available within the download section on the menu.