Working Test for A.V. Retrievers,
Saturday 16th June 2018

Glenalmond, Perthshire

Janice Cunningham

David Logan

Sandra Onens
   Norman Onens

Best in show

GRCS held a marvellous AV Working Test at Glenalmond on Saturday 16th June  For for the first time, possibly the only time in the history of the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, we had more Golden Retrievers entered than Labrador It filled my heart to see so many Goldens competing on the day, and even more so to see the local members making those from the South, Ireland and Wales exceptionally welcome. Many thanks to all those who travelled hundreds of miles to enter this test - we had a great number of entries - 16 Puppies - 33 Novice dogs and 36 Open Dogs. Despite the heavens opening (all day) and throwing the most foul weather at us - the competitors remained cheery and the judges were simply outstanding. Grateful thanks to our Judges - Janice Cunningham, David Logan, Sandra and Norman Onens for persevering with the weather and putting on some fabulous tests on the superb ground at Glenalmond. Enormous thanks must also go to Brian Dickson (Gillian Dickson) for allowing us access to this fabulous little part of Scotland.


Personal thanks must go to Nikki Waddington and Irene Anderson, who manned the BBQ all day, and to Mary Neil and Lesley Harper, and Julia Deeming and her fabulous husband, Ian for helping out with entries and the throwing of the dummies - we all know without these kind folks events such as we ran on Saturday just simply would not happen.

Lin Mitchell

Working Secretary

Class Results
Puppy Test 1st - Adrian Phillips with his Golden Retriever - Tullysedge Band of Gold
2nd - Jimmy Fisher with his yellow Labrador - Lamancha Lunar Eclipse

3rd - Helen Paterson with her Labrador - Peallaidh Caledonia
Novice Test 1st - Tom West with his Labrador - Spamvalley Erick of Westhala
2nd -  Nessa Thompson with her Golden Retriever - Moscargrange Chilli of Haventrent

3rd - Brian Paxton with his Labrador - Melvillewood Rhum
Open Test 1st - Tom Smith with his Labrador - Mistyloch Tweed of Craighorn
2nd - Helen Paterson with her Labrador Feldy

3rd - Carol Johnstone (Aye Skint) with her Labrador Nullsecundus River